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Pundit Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Proceq PL 200


Pundit PL-200

Houseing specially designed to be used on-site in
harsh environments. Screen with highest resolution and sharpest image
available in the market allowing best possible analysis of the measured
waveforms, 8 GB Flash memory allowing storage of up to 100’000 A-Scans.
Dual core processor supporting diverse communication and peripheral
interfaces. Modular concept: Expandable with all Proceq Pulse Velocity
and Pulse Echo transducers. Future proof investment: upcoming Pundit
ultrasonic products will be directly compatible. Never before has the
user had such a control over the measurement procedure in real time
directly on-site!

The ultrasonic test equipment Pundit Lab+ is packed with additional features making it the ideal instrument for site applications.


     Line Scans for concrete uniformity assessment
    Zoom and scroll for precise A-Scan inspection
    On board storage and review of waveforms
    Settings directly accessible on measuring screen
    Dual cursor for manual A-Scan evaluation
    Separate cursor to measure signal amplitude
    Improved surface velocity measurement
    Automatic and manual triggering and
    User adjustable trigger threshold
    A-Scan update rate up to 25 Hz

    Expandable with Pundit Pulse Echo transducer
Range 0.1 – 7930 µs Resolution 0.1 µs (< 793 μs), 1 μs (> 793 μs) Display 7” colour display 800×480 pixels Pulse Voltage UPV 100 – 450 Vpp
UPE – 100 – 400 Vpp
Bandwidth 20 – 500 kHz Receiver Gain 1x – 10’000x (0 – 80dB) [11 steps] Memory Internal 8 GB Flash memory Regional Settings Metric and imperial units and multi-language supported Battery Lithium Polymer, 3.6 V, 14.0 Ah Battery Lifetime > 8h (in standard operating mode) Operating 0°C – 30°C (Charging, running instrument) Temperature

0°C – 40°C (Charging, instrument is off)
-10°C – 50°C (Non-charging)

Humidity < 95 % RH, non condensing IP Classification IP54

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