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Pundit Proceq 250 Array Ultrasonic Imaging Scanner


Pundit 250 Array – Ultrasonic Imaging Scanner

Pundit 250, Single handle testing on concreteThe
Pundit 250 Array is the latest development in Ultrasonic Pulse Echo
equipment from Proceq. This unit combines an 8 channel shear wave
transducer array with the industry leading Pundit Touchscreen
controller, the probe can also be upgraded to 16 channel by combining
two transducer arrays.

The Pundit 250 Array is available as a unit with touchscreen controller or as an upgrade to any Pundit PL unit.


  • Thickness measurement of elements up to approximately 1m
  • Location of defect such as honeycombing, voiding and the depth and extent of concrete delamination.
  • Detection of embedments such as pipes, tendon ducts beneath a layer of rebar
  • Location of objects and defects in fibre reinforced concrete


  • Durable ceramic contact points on dry contact transducers
  • Superior near field performance [Detection of objects and embedments close to test subject’s surface]
  • Upgradeable to a 16 channel array with 2 probe units
  • Single or double handle configurations
  • System control buttons on handles and probe for quick single operator use
  • Raw data export
  • Real Time B Scan updates
  • Extended B scan panoramas
  • Automatic estimation of the Pulse Velocity or calibration to a known thickness

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Method

The Pulse Echo technology widely extends
the application range of the Pundit Touchscreen Unit and offers a
variety of special features.

Scan Modes

Real Time B-Scan

Real time B-Scan

Panorama B-Scan

Panorama B-Scan

Transducer Specifications

The Pundit Array transducer is a rugged and lightweight 8 channel array of shear wave transducers.

Pundit Transducer Details

Array SAFTOne
channel will transmit a sonic pulse the remaining 7 receive, this
measurement is repeated for each channel transmitting in turn.

The 56 A-Scan signals are mapped using
Synthetic Aperture into a B-Scan Image like the examples above, showing
information on changes in material such as the back surface of a slab,
embedments or defects internal to it.

Other Compatible Pundit Sensors

The Pundit touchscreen is also
compatible with the Single Channel UPE transducer and Proceq’s range of
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity transducers, the links below discuss the
relevant systems:

Pundit PL 200 – Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity

Pundit PL-200 PE – Single Channel Ultrasonic Pulse Echo 

Form Supplied

250-BatteryPundit 250 Array

  • Pundit Touchscreen
  • Pundit Array Transducer
  • Pundit 250 Array Software
  • Pundit Array cable, 12 pin 1.5 m
  • Pundit Array Contact Tester
  • Rechargeable batteries, power supply
  • USB cable
  • Calibrated tape, DVD with software
  • Documentation
  • Carrying Strap and Carry Case

Upgrade Kit to 250 Array

  • Pundit Array Transducer
  • Pundit 250 Array Software
  • Pundit Array cable, 12 pin 1.5 m
  • Pundit Array Contact Tester
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Calibrated tape, DVD with software, documentation
  • Carry Case


  • Pundit array transducer battery pack complete
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Calibrated tape [5 pack]


Pundit Array Transducer

 Gain   0 to 80 dB
 Analog bandwidth   15 to 100 kHz
 Nominal transducer frequency   50 kHz shear wave
 Range / resolution   0 to 1000 us / 1 us
 Pulse voltage  ± 150 V
 Pulse shape   Square wave
 Pulse delay  8 to 200 ms
 Number of channels    8 [Upgrade to 16]
 Battery lifetime  > 7 hours
 Dimensions  240 x 273 x 153 mm
 Weight   3 kg approx


The Pundit 250 Array brings a quantum leap in the ultrasonic pulse echo
testing. A number of unique innovations make the Ultrasonic
multi-channel tomography instrument the best and fastest solution for
thickness measurements, detecting defects and localizing objects which
cannot be easily detected by any other technology. This includes the
assessment of thick concrete elements such as tunnel linings as well as
pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer.

The unique
real-time B-scan and panorama views allow high resolution imaging
directly on-site. Upgrade possibilities to double handle version for
increased control and to 16 channels to double the scan width.

Quality assessment and uniformity
Thickness measurement from a single side
Location of delaminations, voids and honeycoming
Location of hollow pipes
Location of pipes and tendon ducts beyond the rebar layer
Assessment of fibre reinforced concrete

Additional Applications :
Ultrasonic concrete thickness measurement
Honeycomb detection

Instrument Firmware
High resolution imaging of defects, rebars and tendon ducts
Cursors for depth and horizontal displacement information
Settings directly accessible on measuring screen
Raw data export
PC Software
PL-Link for analysis and export of data to third party applications

7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with dual core processor

Internal 8 GB flash memory

USB host / device and Ethernet

Measurement Modes
Real-time B-scan
Panorama B-scan
compact and lightweight Pundit Array Transducer. Standard: Single
handed transducer. Dual handle upgrade for increased control (buttons on
both handles, optimize gain settings and trigger a measurement).
Upgrade to 16 channels for double the scan width

Measurement Accessories
to 16 channel: Pundit Array Transducer (327 30 100), Pundit Array
Transducer Extension Kit (376 30 377) and Dual Handle Kit (327 30 370)
Upgrade to dual handle: Dual Handle Kit (327 30 370)
Pundit Array Transducer Battery Pack Complete (327 30 337)
Rechargeable AA NiMH battery set of 6 (327 30 384S)
Calibrated tape set of 5 (327 01 071S)
Battery complete (327 01 033)
Quick Charger (external) (327 01 053)

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