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Proceq GPR Live Pro


Proceq GPR Live


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) devices
for concrete scanning emit electromagnetic pulses into a concrete slab
and record the echoes of those pulses to build an image. The resulting
image can be used for locating rebars before drilling cutting or coring,
investigating unknown structures, determining concrete thickness,
imaging rebar geometry and several other applications.

The Proceq GPR Live is a light weight
and easy to use device for concrete scanning which is connected
wirelessly to an iPad. The equipment produces high resolution scans up
to a maximum depth of 700mm by using a stepped frequency antenna which
covers a frequency range of 0.2 to 4.0 GHz.

Proceq GPR Live Video

Compact and Wireless

GPR probe is built into a lightweight and robust housing which is
easily manoeuvrable. The probe operates with standard chargeable AA
batteries to guarantee easy battery replacements.

The GPR probe connects wirelessly to an
Apple® iPad (touchscreen up to 12.9” with iPad Pro) utilizing the Proceq
Live webtool to enable real-time data analysis and sharing. Utilizing
the iPad application also enables the constant development of new
features with the Proceq GPR Pro Live.

are several handling configurations including mounting the iPad
directly to the probe, using a telescoping rod or mounting the iPad on a
tripod. The probe is completely independent and has a wireless range of
up to 20m.

Note: Apple® iPad is not included with purchase of the Proceq GPR.

Real Time Data Collection Options

Data is collected in real-time and the
user can switch seamlessly between standard non-migrated scan to the
intuitive migrated “Heatmap”. It is possible to label the scan with the
type of target, depth and location which leads to seamless reporting.
The Proceq GPR has been built with the intention of enabling all
reporting to be completed on-site to reduce time consuming


For reporting purposes, it is also possible to view data as a depthslice / timeslice view or with an on-site 3D view.

3d scan

Pioneering ultra-wideband

The Proceq GPR utilizes ultra-wideband
technology which enables high resolution scanning to a maximum depth of
700mm. All applications typically addressed with multiple antennas can
now be covered with one single device with a frequency range of 0.2 to
4.0 GHz.


LogbookData Sharing and Logbook

The Proceq GPR Probe connects wirelessly
to the Apple iPad and all GPR scans show up in real time on the Proceq
GPR Live Application.

GPR scans are saved within the Proceq
GPR Application on the Apple iPad. For Proceq GPR Live Pro users, all
data is saved on the cloud and linked to their user account. This
enables post processing and review of data from any Apple iPad the user
signs into.

The Proceq GPR Pro Live comes with
Logbook which is a Professional tool for tracking all steps in the image
processing. All gain and filter settings used are logged and included
along with the scan. Measurements and changes are also tracked.

Comments, audio notes, pictures and
geolocation can be added to the scan which provides an intuitive base
for quick and detailed reporting to the client.


These are the items included with the Proceq GPR.


These are the additional accessories which are currently available for an added cost.



The compact Proceq GPR Live is built into a lightweight but still robust housing. Ensuring best measurement results even when used in challenging environments. Additionally, the probe operates with standard chargeable AA batteries to guarantee smooth air travels and easy battery replacements worldwide.

Quality assessment and uniformity
Conformity check of new buildings
Investigation on unknown structures
Locate rebars before drilling, cutting and coring
Spot check of cover and rebar size
Complete imaging of rebar geometry
Thickness measurement from a single side


Any compatible Apple® iPad (iOS 9.0 and higher)

Up to 512 GB (depending on the Apple® iPad model)

Wi-Fi connection to Apple® iOS tablet, USB port for Wi-Fi module
Measurement Modes

Line Scan
Area Scan

Review modes

Non-Migrated Scan
Migrated “Heatmap”
On-site 3D View (Pro and Unlimited versions only)

Reporting software

Export options (Pro and Unlimited versions only): Measurement (scan), Snapshot (jpg), Table (csv)

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