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Gps Echosounder HI Target HD 380


Hi-Target Echo Sounders HD-380

HD-370 and HD-380 is the third generation echo sounder of Hi-Target, integrated with high stable industrial controlling computer, echo sounder, depth measuring software and marine surveying software, greatly simply water depth survey work. HD370 carries out working mode with echo sounder+ laptop+ GPS+ battery, satisfying customer’s traditional surveying requirement.
With advanced frequency conversion technology, HD-370 and HD-380 reduce noise caused by transducer and enhanced echo intensity. In addition, both the HD-370 and the HD-380 support different frequency transducers to meet the demands of different hydrographic projects.
The optimal TVG curve of HD-370 and HD-380 is designed according to the transmission properties of sonar in water which can greatly optimize sounding performance and solve the issue of shoal water sounding.
Portable design, high-definition LCD screens and mass storage make field operations much more convenient.
Preinstalled Hi-Sounder software reduces your software cost.
With the low frequency sounding function, HD-380 can easily get mud thickness data


Digital Echo Sounder
HD370 Single Frequency
HD380 Dual Frequency
200 KHZ
High: 100-750KHZ(Adjustable)
Low: 10-50KHZ(Adjustable)
Transmission Power
500W (200KHZ transducer)
500W (200KHZ High frequency band)
1000W (20KHZ Low frequency band)
Bathymetric Range
0.3m-600m (High frequency)
0.3m-2000m (Low frequency)
Depth Resolution
±0.01m+0.1% of h( depth value)
Ping Rate
Up to 30Hz
Draft Range
Memory & Storage
1G DDR2 & 4G storage
LCD Display
12 inches, 1024X768 resolution, 1000cd/ m2
I/O Interface
2×RS-232 ports, 3×USB ports, 1×DC power port, 2×TX ports (for transducer)
Power Supply
DC 9~36V / AC 220V
Operation Temperature
-30°C~60°C, non-condensing
44mmL X 341mmW X 164mmH
9 kg

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