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Gps Echosounder South SDE-28S


South SDE28s Single beam echo sounder

SDE-28S precision hydrographic enchsounder is simply a new category on its own. Surveying on water sites, at any depth is simple and professional with the superb Powernav software that lets you design on site the projected survey, as well as import features straight from your CAD software, and accepts single or double gps setup on the boat, for navigation, SBAS or RTK units. Windows XP embedded platform, 12″ color LCD touchscreen display, wide array of I/O ports, configurable for various GPS and sounder interphases, and heat and splash proof stainless steel body are features that add extreme functionality to its well designed configuration. The mainframe can be connected to heave, pitch and compass sensors, output to printer, receive any NMEA-0183 GPS and run your own Windows software on it. The included PoweNav software incorporates a simple graphical data review tool and exports directly as data or DXF for easier project workflow.

Basic system configuration: 1 echosounder mainframe, 2 carrying cases, 1 SBAS GPS unit, 1 sounder transducer, 1 stainless steel fixation pole, 1 power cord, 1 12V power cord with clamps, 1 software key, 1 USB memory unit, 1 mouse, 1 keyboard set, 1 software CD.

Main features: Windows XP embedded platform – Wide array of I/0 options – Full featured software – All inclusive set – Outdoor readable touch display – Rugged stainless steel body – Easy to use SBAS or RTK GPS – Best price/benefit available.


Frequency     200 kHz
Beam angle     7°
Display     12.1″ Color LCD touchscreen
Output power     Adjustable up to 200W
Depth resolution     +/-0.1% of water depth
Sound speed     1300-1650 m/s
Depth range     0.39-220m
Drift     0-9.9m
Pulse lenght     Automatic and manual setup
Serial ports     2 RS-232 ports, 1200-115200 bauds
Printer por     1 DB-25
USB ports     2
User input     Screen, mouse, keyboard
DC power supply     9-18V less than 25W
AC power supply     110-230V, less than 25W
Operational temperature     -30°C to +60°C
Weight     11,15 kg

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