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Anemometer Wireless PCE FWS 20


PCE-FWS 20 Weather Station
Measures temperature, relative humidity, precipitation,
atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction
The PCE-FWS 20 Weather Station is a multi-functional wireless digital
device that will exceed your expectations. This manufacturer-calibrated
meteorological instrument accurately measures temperature, relative
humidity, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind
direction. Featuring a free-standing or wall-mountable touchscreen LED
display with backlight, the PCE-FWS 20 makes a fantastic gift.
the PCE-FWS 20 Weather Station has different alarm functions for the
available parameters. The meteorological data is sent by radio to the
base unit from a distance up to 328 feet (100 meters). The included USB
cable and CD-ROM allow the data to be uploaded to a PC for more detailed
analysis. Much of the data can be date and time stamped to ensure it is
analyzed effectively long after its collection. The included
Windows-based software can present the data in graphs and diagrams
illustrating different meteorological measurements over prolonged
periods of time.
Equipped with the latest technology used in meteorological analysis, the PCE-FWS 20 Weather Station:
Equipped with the latest technology used in meteorological analysis, the PCE-FWS 20:
– Displays indoor and outdoor temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
– Records indoor and outdoor relative humidity
– Shows atmospheric pressure in in Hg or hPa
– Affords relative or absolute humidity selection
– Measures rainfall in in or mm
– Indicates rainfall for 1 hour, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month or from last reset
– Depicts wind speed in mph, km/h, m/s, knots or Beaufort
– Illustrates wind direction
– Features wind chill temperature and dew point indicators
– Provides weather forecasts, forecast trends and storm warnings
– Includes programmable alarm functions for different meteorological parameters
– Stores maximum and minimum measurement values
– Contains a calendar and clock with time zone specification
– Offers energy-saving functionality
Alarm functions
– Maximum indoor humidity alarm
– Maximum indoor temperature alarm
– Maximum outdoor humidity alarm
– Maximum outdoor temperature alarm
– Maximum wind chill alarm
– Maximum dew point alarm
– Maximum atmospheric pressure alarm
– Maximum wind speed alarm
– Maximum gust alarm
– Rainfall alarm, 1 hour
– Rainfall alarm, 24 hours
– Minimum indoor humidity alarm
– Minimum outdoor temperature alarm
– Minimum outdoor humidity alarm
– Minimum outdoor temperature alarm
– Minimum wind chill alarm
– Minimum dew point alarm
– Minimum atmospheric pressure alarm
Storable measurement values (with date and time)
– Maximum rainfall for 1 hour
– Maximum rainfall for 24 hours
– Maximum rainfall for one week
– Maximum rainfall for a month
– Minimum indoor humidity
– Minimum indoor temperature
– Minimum outdoor humidity
– Minimum outdoor temperature
– Minimum wind chill
– Minimum dew point
– Minimum atmospheric pressure
– Maximum indoor humidity
– Maximum indoor temperature
– Maximum humidity
– Maximum outdoor temperature
– Maximum wind chill
– Maximum dew point
– Maximum atmospheric pressure
– Maximum air velocity
– Wind direction
– Wind gust


Technical specifications

Measurement ranges Operating temperature: 0°C … +60° / +32°F …+140°F
Humidity: 1 … 99 %
Atmospheric pressure: 919 … 1,080 hPa Resolution Air temperature: 0.1 °C
Humidity: 1 %
Atmospheric pressure: 0.1 / 1.5 hPa Radio control data update 48 seconds Alarm duration 120 seconds

Measurement range Operating temperature:-40°C … +65°C / -40°F … +149°F
Humidity: 1 … 99 %
Rainfall: 0 mm … 9,999 mm / 0 in … 394 in
Wind speed: 0 … 180 km/h / 0 mph … 112 mph
Indication of the wind direction Resolution Air temperature: 0.1 °C
Humidity: 1 %
Rainfall: 0.1 mm (volume < 1,000 mm) / 0.004 in (volume < 40 in) 1 mm (volume > 1,000 mm) / 0.04 in (volume > 40 in) Radio transmission data updated 48 seconds Radio transmission rangeup to 100 m / 328 ft in the open air Port USB
Component dimensions

Display unit 230 mm x 150 mm
9 in x 5 inExternal sensors 660 mm x 540 mm
25 in x 21 in

Delivery contents

1 x Touchscreen LED display with backlight
3 x 1.5 V batteries
1 x Temperature sensor with support
1 x Solar unit
2 x 1.5 V rechargeable batteries
1 x Humidity sensor with support
1 x Rainfall sensor with support
1 x Air velocity sensor with support
1 x Wind direction sensor with support
1 x Vertical mast
1 x USB cable
1 x CD-ROM with analysis software (for Windows operating systems only)

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